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Pass Dat Joy empowers families around the world to use arts to improve their health and happiness


We envision a future where children grow up to be empowered artists and empathetic leaders who use creativity and the arts to build a better world. 

About Us

Unleash your inner artist to build a more joyful life for your family

Pass Dat Joy  is a social enterprise that promotes health and wellness and seeks to bridge the mental health access gap for families through artistic expression.

Our mission  is to empower families around the world to use arts to improve their health and happiness. Through our art wellness kits, we strive to expand access to wellness and health for youth ·  

Our goal  is to empower and spread joy. 

We partner with community organizations such as Homer Plessy community school, Creative Response, The Skin You’re In, Community Book Center, Upturn Art’s, and  ANTENNA, therapists, teachers, and educators who believe in the power of the arts as an accessible, and tangible tool to relieve stress and thereby improve wellness and health. 

Our organization  began in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. We created and distributed more than 3,000  art and wellness toolkits to help relieve parents' and children's stress in our community caused by the pandemic. We quickly realized stress is a serious and ongoing issue for children and families in our society and arts have an important role in reducing stress and improving one’s overall health and wellness. 

While stress has increased with the pandemic, it is a chronic problem for children in our society. Research demonstrates that chronic stress in children plays an important role in diseases including anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and mental health issues such as depression (Valizadeh, 2012 pp. 25-30).

​Through our curated art toolkits , designed by experts and backed by research, we give parents and children materials, tools, and resources that they can use to decrease their stress and improve their general welfare


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